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Doctor Jonathan Toussaint

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Everyone deserves a holistic well-being with a sound mind, body, and spirit. Often, a disturbance to our well-being causes us problems, which affects us in all aspects. The challenges we face in life are the reasons for these disturbances. These problems, in turn, affect how we deal with the situation and with the people around us.

There are times where we cannot see a problem at all. Sometimes, we purposefully ignore them instead of solving the problem head-on. Other times, we know that there is a problem, but we feel powerless to address it.

For us to have the strength to address these problems, we need other people to help us, to let them understand our situation. We need other people to help us think properly about the issue and realistically find a way to get on with our lives. Talking to a close friend may be helpful if your friend knows how to guide you on how to think. But while we are at it, why not ask help from an expert counsellor?

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint is a renowned counsellor, leader, marriage celebrant, educator, speaker, and author. He has dedicated his life to providing individuals, couples, families, and communities with counselling services. With his background in Psychology, Doctor Jonathan Toussaint has transformed the lives of many and made them more positive and fruitful.

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint’s services

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint is renowned in providing couples counselling, marriage counselling, relationship counselling, communications counselling, and family counselling.

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint extends his expertise in different media, through keynote speeches, books, and others.

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint can conduct leadership training, employee performance coaching, and team building to help boost your team’s working relationship.

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint handles clinical supervision seminars which are in line with the professional standards.

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint is a qualified marriage celebrant recognised by the Australian Government.

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