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Humans have always been social beings. This aspect of our humanity enabled us to form the connections with one another, which later would eventually develop into relationships. In these relationships, we fulfil our need for belongingness. The ideal relationships are supposed to make everyone grow positively. However, this is not always the case.

Problems in human relationships are actually quite common and are inevitable. What matters now is how people deal with such issues. Most difficulties are caused by a lack of communication and understanding between two or more parties. Often, the problems are left unsolved. This is where parenting and relationship counsellors come into play.

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint Family Counsellor

Family and Parenting Counsellor

Among other relationship constructs, the family is the most basic and primary unit of society. In this relationship, the majority of the responsibilities fall on the parents. A parent will have to deal with conflicts not only within the family but also with other issues as well. To many, these responsibilities can be overwhelming.

No matter what the problems are, it is essential for these parents to deal with them to ensure a fruitful relationship with their children. The first step in solving these problems is to understand and acknowledge that there is a problem within and outside the family that affects their children’s holistic growth. This way, these parents will realise that they need help to solve the issues. Consulting a professional parenting and family counsellor in times of problems is a significant step forward.

Couples, Marriage, Relationship, and Communications Counsellor

Relationships, whether romantic or platonic, should also enable everyone in it to grow. Unlike parent-child relationships, a couples’ relationship tends to be more equal. The rights, responsibilities, and expectations are shared by both. Problems often take place because of a failure to clarify responsibilities and expectations.

For problems in the relationship between couples, it is vital for both to understand the problem to be able to fix it mutually. However, this is not always an easy task. Sometimes, the cause of the problem is hard to pinpoint. Other times, the issues become more overwhelming. In these instances, relationship and marriage counsellors are of great help to assist you in identifying and solving the problem once and for all.

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint, a renowned Parenting and Relationship Counsellor

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint has more than 25 years of experience in family and relationship therapy. He has dedicated most of his life as an advocate for stronger and healthier relationships. If you have your own issues relating to parenting and relationships, Doctor Jonathan Toussaint is the best counsellor to consult. Contact Doctor Jonathan Toussaint now to schedule for counselling appointment.