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Famed Leader in Health Sciences

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint is well-known for developing, managing, and delivering programs and services dedicated to health, counselling, education, and community engagement. He is currently the President of the International Society of Counselling and Clinical Supervisors, which aims to teach and train other counsellors and clinicians worldwide. He is also the Head of Health and Behavioural Sciences of the Medical Register of Australia and the Director of People Potential Group.

Qualified Practitioner and Researcher

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint obtained his qualifications from outstanding educational institutions. He earned his Master of Humanities from the University of Tasmania. He then had his Ph.D. in Health Science from Charles Sturt University. But his yearning for learning does not stop with mere titles. His current research pursuits include the relationship between neuroscience and human social behaviour.

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint Practitioner and Researcher
Doctor Jonathan Toussaint Marriage Counsellor

Renowned Expert in Family and Marriage Counselling

With more than 25 years in practice, Doctor Jonathan Toussaint is an experienced family therapist. Doctor Jonathan dedicated his life to strengthening families and communities. He mainly serves the not-for-profit community sector.

Leading Educator and Clinical Supervisor

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint aims to expand his expertise as an educator, clinical supervisor, and mentor to other aspiring therapists and clinicians. He is a university lecturer in the field of health psychology and has given keynote speeches that have inspired countless would-be health practitioners.

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint Leading Educator and Clinical Supervisor
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Published Author

Doctor Jonathan Toussainthas published two books targeted to youth. How to Talk to Girls: Allen & Unwin is about forming relationships, while How Do I Look: Keys to a Health Body focuses ondeveloping a positive body image.

Licensed Marriage Celebrant

His ambition to strengthen marriages and families made him not only a relationship counsellor but also a marriage celebrant. Doctor Jonathan Toussaint is qualified to conduct the perfect wedding ceremonies. With his expertise as a marriage counsellor, he respects, understands, and guides the couple in making their special day one of the most fruitful moments of their lives.

Doctor Jonathan Toussaint About Licensed Wedding Celebrant